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Off Grid Journal: Empower Your Independence

The Off Grid Journal is our new monthly digital publication

Issue #2 is available now!

Each issue is a downloadable, ad-free resource packed with a wealth of knowledge tailored to our community’s interests and needs.

Topics we cover:

• Off grid living
• Homesteading
• Gardening
• Alternative homes
• Renewable energy
• DIY projects
• And more!

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What’s in each issue?

Coming up in March 2024:

  • Water Conservation Techniques
  • Seasonal Adjustments for Off Grid Living
  • Getting Started with Sourdough
  • Survival Garden Plants
  • Emergency Preparedness Basics
  • Using Worm Castings for Seed Starting

February 2024:

  • Off Grid Basics
  • An Off Grid Checklist
  • Exploring Off Grid Homes
  • Green Gardening Techniques
  • Ways to Reuse Wood Pallets
  • Zero-Waste Living

Why Off Grid Journal?

We truly appreciate reader feedback, and there are two things we keep hearing: first, many of you enjoy our weekly newsletter but want deeper dives into specific topics beyond what would be practical to put in an email newsletter. Second, you want to enjoy content without the distractions of ads and other interruptions. 

The Off Grid Journal is our answer! It’s a dedicated space for more in-depth articles, comprehensive guides, and engaging stories, all presented in a beautifully designed, ad-free format. We believe this publication will satisfy your craving for deeper knowledge whether you’re already living off the grid or are just beginning to explore this lifestyle.

Throughout the year, you can look forward to insights and stories from individuals living off the grid, running their own businesses, growing food in unique ways, tackling interesting DIY projects, and more.

What to expect

Every month, subscribers will receive a digital download of Off Grid Journal (first issue on Feb.1). It’s formatted to read on your favorite device – or you can print it out if you prefer a paper copy. You’ll also have access to a subscriber portal where you’ll find all your monthly issues in one convenient place. And we’ll occasionally put some bonus downloads in there, too!  

Sign up today at ouar earlybird rate:
 $1.99/month or $19.99/year
We can’t wait to embark on this new adventure with you!

Share your story in Off Grid Journal!

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