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Off grid living

Off Grid World is about living off the grid, sustainable living, and renewable energy. We cover off grid news topics from around the world, stories from others living their off grid dreams, and practical advice about growing your own food, prepping & survival, natural health, and homesteading.

What is off grid living?

The simple answer: living off the grid means being disconnected from the public power grid. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

For our purposes, off the grid represents a whole lifestyle shift toward a more sustainable existence. You may not be able to uproot your world and move to your secluded off grid dream property in the mountains – yet – but regardless of where you live, you can make little changes in other areas of your life to become more sustainable and self-reliant. These changes can include:

  • Growing your own food, whether you live on hundreds of acres or in an urban apartment.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle to avoid the endless cycle of disease, hospitals, and medications that so many people find themselves caught up in.
  • Achieving financial freedom by living with less, saving more, and enjoying life, all while refusing to become a slave to debt.
  • Choosing sustainable alternatives when making everyday consumer choices; reducing waste, upcycling materials, and helping to create a greener world.
  • Utilizing sustainable resources such as solar and wind power and water catchment systems.

Do you have an off grid or sustainable living story that would inspire others? Contact us – we’d love to share your story!